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Microsoft Presents Virtual Human that Responds to Emotions of a Real Person


The software giant, Microsoft, has recently presented Milo, a virtual human able to react to the emotions, voice and movements of a real person.

It would be interesting to note that Milo was developed for use with Kinect, the company's hands-free Xbox 360 motion controller that is going to be released soon. This controlled makes use of a series of sensors, cameras and microphones to be able to interpret the intentions of the player.

The idea to create a technology that is being used in Milo came to designer Peter Molyneux, a famous computer game designer and game programmer from the United Kingdom.

According to Mr Molyneux, his idea was to develop a character "that seemed alive, that would look me in the eyes, and feel real".

For the first time Milo was unveiled in a demo at the E3 expo last year. However, since then, the device has not been shown.

An assistant carried out the demonstration of Milo. The latter was shown exploring the garden, learning to skim stones and confessing that he didn't do his homework after being told off.

Mr Molyneux's firm called Lionhead studios was the one to use artificial intelligence along with what was "hidden in the dusty vaults of Microsoft" to create Milo.

According to the game designer, the new system exploited psychological techniques so that the person communicating with the virtual character could feel as though Milo is real.

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