Monday, 29 Nov, 2010 Technology

Microsoft Tests Shape-Shifting Display


The software giant Microsoft has recently filed a patent application for the design of its shape-shifting touchscreen.

The new tactile display boasts a number of technical features that make users believe they are actually feeling the bumps and textures of a given picture.

The patent visualizes the creation of screen textures using pixel-sized, shape-memory plastic cells. These cell are able to shift and project into coherent patterns on demand.

Shortly on how the device works: the screen uses a layer of shape-memory plastic that is intentionally placed over a large touchscreen. This construction makes it possible to "distort" the screen using various wavelengths of ultraviolet light that strikes the pixels from beneath.

Such toushcreen could be fitted into large displays like Redmond's Surface. At the same time it is less likely to feature in smartphones or tablets, reports NewScientist.

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