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Microsoft Reached 40 Million Licenses of Vista


The software giant Microsoft has sold 40 million licenses of its Windows Vista operating system in the first 100 days since the product was launched into the market.

The chairman of the company, Bill Gates, mentioned that the fastest sales of the operating system in the history is due to an accelerating shift of the majority of population to digital lifestyles. He outlined that the premium editions had accounted for 78% of the OS sales.

It is worth mentioning that more than 95% computers worldwide run on Windows operating system, which all in all represents the biggest profit increasing engine of Microsoft.

The software corporation introduced its new operating system on January 30. This date marks Microsoft's first big upgrade of the operating system in more than 5 years.

Mr. Gates stated that the next-generation Windows Server software from Microsoft, being known as "Longhorn," now is called Windows Server 2008. It represents a server operating system analogue to the Vista PC operating system, that puts an accent on many of the same features, including an improved security.

The officials from the software giant, which last year was in control of about 2/3 of the world's market of server software, said that Windows Servers 2008 will hit the market this year's second half.

Mr. Gates cited a study made by IDC research group in which the group estimated there would be an economic impact of $120 billion from both products and services going around Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system and the giant's Windows Server 2008.

The company's officials also stated that Gateway, Lacie and Medion, being three new hardware manufacturers, are looking forward to manufacture products for Windows Home Server. The new software has the goal of helping families with multiple PCs to centralize easier and share with and protect digital content, including pictures, documents, audio and video files.

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