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Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8.0


The software giant, Microsoft, is about to launch Internet Explorer 8.0. The company's latest version of the popular Internet browser features a technology which Microsoft calls DEP/NX. It was developed to put a stop to hackers who use buffer overflow attacks for taking over users' PCs.

Experts from Microsoft managed to combine what they call no-execute technology in microprocessors developed by AMD and Intel with DEP (data execution prevention). It is worth mentioning that the no-execution technology was developed to prevent hackers from introducing virus code in the computer memory, while the DEP stops computer memory used to gather information from running the code.

The company hopes that the combination of software and chip hardware in the new internet browser can lower the risk of buffer overflow attacks. However, it will not be able to prevent other kinds of attacks that can compromise database servers.

Previously it has been reported that DEP/NX may have a negative influence on a lot of legal applications that depends on downloadable ActiveX components to run.

Some of the new features in the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 that can save time include web slices, for performing faster website searches, Digg top 10, as well as the weather report, that one can see within the browser window without clicking to another tab.

With web slices web administrators are given a new application programming interface, which offers websites the possibility to provide comprehensive searches within Microsoft's browser search facility. For example, a user who observes a certain product on eBay will have the possibility to see the status of the auction without actually visiting the website of eBay.

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