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Mission Motors Unveils Mission One - Fastest Electric Motorbike in the World


Mission Motors, a company based in San Francisco, California, recently unveiled its latest invention - the world's fastest electric motorcycle dubbed Mission One. The motorbike is already available in the United States with deliveries due in 2010.

Forrest North, founder of the company, is a former employee if Tesla Motors, which developed the luxury electric sports car, Roadster, created in California and funded by several clean technology investors, two of them being Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

It is worth mentioning that in 2007, North started working on the transformation of a Ducati motorbike, which ran on petrol, into an electric motorbike.

The latest invention created by North and his team is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are usually used in notebooks and mobile phones. It will be able to run up to 150 miles on a single charge, which can hold up to 2 hours. The motorbike presented by Mission Motors represents a hand-built prototype. The developers look forward to test it on the road at a speed of 150mph.

The price for Mission One is expected to be around $68,995 and the price for its cheaper version will be announced this summer. The most important test for the motorbike will be the TTXGP race, which will take place on the Isle of Man. The race is the first clean emissions grand prix in the world.

"Mission are really breaking the barrier on speed, and they also have a team of people that has a lot of experience in electric vehicles," said Azhar Hussain, the founder of TTXGP.

Some of the Motorbike's Characteristics:

  • High energy lithium-ion battery with integrated thermal management system
  • Liquid-cooled, 3-phase AC Induction Motor
  • Top Speed: 150mph
  • 150 miles per charge
  • Under 2 hours at 240V rechargeable time (8 Hours at 120V)
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