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MIT Students Turn Large Building Into a Game of Tetris


In just one weekend, a team of MIT students managed to transform a regular building into a giant Tetris game.

They selected MIT's Green Building found on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Campus (this is where the MIT Earth and Planetary Sciences department is located).

This particular building was selected because its size and regularly arrange windows on one side perfectly was ideal for the game.

Students offered little details regarding their project. In the video below you will be able to see the game play and start-up screen.

The structure's middle portion plays the role of a scrolling marquee to show the word "Tetris" prior to the moment when the game pieces start falling.

In the game players are free to move, rotate, and drop the pieces. However, as the player progresses the game gets more intricate. As soon as the player has hit the second level, the pieces in the game turn paler in color, which makes it more difficult for the player to see them.

In the third level, the colors shift, making it even more complicated to keep track of the board.

[via Hack a Day]

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