Thursday, 29 Sep, 2011 Technology

Mitsubishi Electric to Install World's Fastest Elevators in Shanghai Tower


This week Mitsubishi Electric Corp. announced that it received an order to build the world's fastest elevators that will be mounted in the Shanghai Tower. So far the building is in the process of construction and is expected to be completed in 2014.

A total of 3 elevators will be installed in the skyscraper, which, when finished, will be the tallest structure in China, standing 632 meters high. The company says that each elevator will be able to transport passengers at a speed of 1,080 meters per minute, breaking world record.

In about 55 seconds the elevators will reach the upper 119th floor from the 2nd basement level.

It would be interesting to note that currently the fastest elevator in the world (registered by the Guinness World Records) is the one installed by Toshiba Corp. in Taipei.

Mitsubishi Electric says that it will also build 103 other elevators, one of which in an emergency elevator that may become the world's longest-traveling elevator, crossing a distance of 578.5 meters from the 3rd basement level to the 121st floor.

Obviously such elevators will be fitted with the latest technology available, including the noise and vibration canceling tech. They will also adjust for alterations in atmosphere pressure to ease ear pain, reports The Mainichi Daily News.

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