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Mitsubishi Unveils Diamond Vision Curved OLED Display at ISE-2011


After unveiling its Diamond Vision curved OLED display at this year's ISE, Mitsubishi set up a new standard in the field of consumer electronics.

It is worth mentioning that the display makes use of organic light emitting diodes that not only boast great contrast and bright colors, but do that at an angle of 80 degrees horizontal and vertical.

The radius of the display's curve is 91715 mm and with a high-quality picture it can be used in large areas like shopping malls and passenger terminals. It would be interesting to note that the display is made of individual 128x128 pixel OLED modules that measure 384 mm square and weight only 8 kilograms.

The latest invention from Mitsubishi opens the door to numerous possibilities in the consumer electronic market, especially considering its wide view angle and a resolution of 1920x256mm, informs OLED Display.

The display presented at the ISE-2011 is a prototype, but according to the company it will be launched onto the market in the next couple of months.

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