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Mobile Tech: Videos Via MMS/SMS


With mobile technology in continuous development more services appear for users' entertainment. One of such services is sending videos to a mobile phone through MMS/SMS. The website called provides this service for free, but at the same time it says that carrier fees may apply.

Users are free to choose videos from several categories, including: Sports/Action, Xtreme, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Astrology. You may find a wide range of videos that are not only entertaining but informative as well. For instance you may discover fitness videos, parenting videos, finance videos etc. In order to get your favorite clip you need to enter your phone number and PIN. It is worth mentioning that each video is not more than 30 seconds long.

For a better understanding how this service works, here's some highlights: you browse through the video channels and find the one that suits you the most. You may also see a preview of each channel and then hit the link that says "Get This Channel on My Phone". Then you enter your mobile phone number and mention your carrier. The website assures that all the information you provide on mShack is strictly confidential.

After registration mShack sends you a confirmation text message with a PIN. In case you changed your mind, you are free to unsubscribe from the service. It quite easy to use and mShack charges its users nothing.

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