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More Google Earth Users than People in Brazil


Over 200 million people worldwide have installed Google Earth application. There are more Google Earth users than residents in Brazil with population of 188 million people.

Google Earth, the mapping software that allows everyone interested see one's house from space, was introduced two years ago. It has already drawn more installations than Microsoft's Windows XP.

Michael Jones, chief technology officer of the company's geography software, delivered a speech devoted to the issue at the Fifth International Symposium on Digital Earth held on Tuesday. According to Jones, Google Earth has been praised by the leading government officials, including President Bush, Jacques Chirac, and even Bill Gates.

Google Earth also enjoys increasing popularity in the celebrity world. Angelina Jolie tattooed her arm with the longitude and latitude of her children's birthplaces, three of whom she adopted. A German magazine featured a photo of the actress' tattoo, mapped the kid's birthplaces on Google Earth and published the images.

Michael Jones mentioned that people got interested not only in Google Earth but specifically in digital earth. People enjoyed viewing their surroundings in a new way. An Iranian sent him mail, saying Google has sallied his nation's pride by not displaying the Persian Gulf on Google Earth. On Jones opinion, the case proves how deeply people care about the way their country is portrayed.

Google and other companies are presently working upon expanding and improving mapping software. Last week Google introduced a new project - it offered people 'street views', close-up images of areas in the Bay Area and New York. The new application has even caught attention of privacy concerns.

Google intends to provide users with more data and imagery. Considering the fact that there are over 1 billion personal computer users worldwide, and 6 billion people in the world, Jones supposed the rest of people would adopt a much smaller technology, for example an iPhone with Google Earth.

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