Wednesday, 11 Mar, 2009 Technology

F1 Engineers Created World's Most Advanced Bicycle


Formula 1 specialist supplier of performance engineering solutions, BERU, is developing a pedal-powered speedster called The Factor001, which claims to be world's most advanced bicycle.

The bicycle includes an ultra-light carbon chassis, high-tech ceramic brakes, as well as a hard-wired system able to gather such information as heart and respiration rates.

The Factor001 features a hydraulic braking system, and its frame can be individually measured. In addition, the bicycle has a number of high-tech systems, such as GPS, radio transmitter, and a computer that offers biometric and performance information after each ride. One more thing to mention - Factor001 weights just 7kg.

The bicycle is not that cheap. It is expected to hit the market in March at a price of GBP20,000 ($27,600). The first to see the world's most advanced bike will be the visitors of London's Science Museum. Factor001's debut is part of "Fast Forward, 20 ways F1 is changing our world".

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