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Motorola Mobility's Xoom Tablet Named the Best Gadget at 2011 CES


Four days before the opening of this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the Illinois-based Motorola parted into Motorola Solutions (that will focus on the development of next-gen communications solutions to government, public safety and enterprise clientele) and Motorola Mobility (that will mostly work in the field of mobility, the Internet and computing).

Recently the Xoom tablet, developed by Motorola Mobility, was named the best gadget at the CES. It would be interesting to note that the tablet runs on Google's new "Honeycomb" software.

Besides being crowned as the best CES gadget, the Xoom also became the number one tablet among the fresh competitors of Apple's iPad.

According to the company's chief executive Sanjay Jha, the new tablet will hit the market in the first quarter of 2011, boasting a 10.1-inch (25.6-centimeter) screen.

Jha also mentioned that Google developed its Honeycomb specifically for tablet computers, which means that the Xoom will be a strong rival in the marketplace, reports Physorg.

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