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Mountain-resembling Biomass Power Plant to Be Built in UK


The design of a brand new biomass power plant has recently been unveiled by a design firm from London. Thomas Heatherwick decided to design a plant that would be covered in native grass and would emit much less carbon emissions than coal or gas fired plants.

It is expected that the 49.3MW power plant will replace the older plants in the region. Located on the banks of the River Tees, the plant will represent a man-made mountain that will be partially covered in real plants.

It is worth mentioning that the new power plant will be powered by palm kernel shells. The latter represent the byproducts that gather at palm oil plantations. The designer firm claims that the plant will cut the level of carbon emission by about 80 percent if compared to other power stations.

Palm kernel shells are believed to represent a renewable fuel, informs Dezeen. The transportation of palm kernel shells will take place by boat. The power generated by the plant will be enough to provide electricity to 50,000 homes, while keeping the environment much cleaner. Inside the plant the design company decided to offer spaces for offices, a visitors' center and even an education resource center for green energy. The structure will surely attract the attention of investors and serve as motivation for the development of new eco-friendly technologies.

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