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MOY Concept Car Allows Applying Favorite Design on the Vehicle


This incredible MOY concept car was designed by Elvis Tomljenovic, student of the Zagreb School of Design. The design of the vehicle won the first prize in a contest that took place in Zagreb, Croatia, at an automotive design conference.

The author of the design mentioned that the car was developed for those who use technology as a tool of expressing themselves. The main idea of the concept car is that any person can develop their design on a computer and apply it to the car with the help of a wireless data transfer.

Those who do not have enough experience to create their own design of the car, are free to download already developed design. With the help of movement recognition technology one can apply the design on a car in real time.

The eco-friendly electric car is powered by batteries. It is worth mentioning that the motor of the vehicle is located in the wheels and controlled with the help of drive-by-wire technology.

As for the body of the vehicle, it consists of outer and inner polycarbonate layers, with layers of liquid crystals, LED diodes as well as electro chromic foil in between.

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