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Simplified Multicolored Penlight From Tomy Allows Making Light Painting on an iPhone or iPad


This November, Tomy is expected to launch a multicolored penlight that can be used to make long exposure light paintings on an iPhone or iPad.

According to the company's representative, nowadays penlight art is popular at wedding ceremonies and school festivals.

However, this form of art requires an SLR and photography abilities. In order to make the penlight easier to use, Tomy has come up with a simplified variant of penlight art.

The new penlight provides up to 27 colors at just a touch of a button. The user can easily draw straight lines, dotted lines, and gradation.

In addition, the device allows turning a series of images into a video, like a flip book. The Album mode allows the user to upload their works to Twitter and Facebook.

The device will be wearing a price tag of approximately $30, with the iPhone app available for free.

[via DigInfo]

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