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Multidock - Device that Can Charge and Sync 10 iDevices Simultaneously


Businesses, hospitals and other institutions that equipped their workforce with devices from Apple, may find it rather complicated to charge and keep up to date all these gadgets.

Having this issue in mind, a company called Griffin Technology came up with the Multidock - a device that charges, syncs and stores up to 10 iGadgets (iPhones, iPads, iPods) at the same time. Besides, it is possible to link up to 3 Multidocks.

With the help of USB the user can connect their Multidock to a Mac host computer that runs iTunes 9.0. Several Multidocks can be connected using an included USB hub.

To charge the iDevices, the user simply has to connect them to the dock using standard USB-to-Dock cables. The LEDs on every charging bay are there to show the charge and sync status of each gadget.

The latest creation from Griffin Technology measures 18.6 inches (47.2 cm) x 11.81 inches (29.9 cm) x 9.17 inches (23.2 cm).

According to the company, the Multidock's steel enclosure is developed to resist the rigors of workplace or classroom.

The price per one unit is $699.99, while 3 Multidocks are available for $1,799.99.

[via Griffin Technology]

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