Thursday, 26 Jul, 2012 Technology

Music Produced with a Webcam, Colored Water Droplets


The goal of the Audible Colors project is to create music based on colors selected by the user's webcam.

The main colors are red, blue and green. These make up the basis for color combination and correspond to musical notes A, D and F respectively. Purple, teal and brown are the colors that can be created from mixing the basic colors. These three correspond to the notes C, E and G respectively.

However, in addition to the colors and the notes they correspond to, there is a number of other variables that one can play with. For example, the volume and frequency of the musical notes played depend on the size of the colors.

Matsui & Miyazaki are the ones who came up with the idea. They mentioned that the technology is not limited to water. One can also use soap or acrylic paints, for example.

[via Trendhunter]

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