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MySpace Karaoke Now Available in Japan - Karaoke's Native Land


The popular on-line social networking website MySpace has recently launched its karaoke service in Japan, where karaoke is the most popular cultural activity. The karaoke service was introduced with the goal of increasing the number of MySpace subscribers in the country.

"If you had told me years ago we would launch an online karaoke site in Japan, I would have told you it is like selling ice to the Eskimos. Boy was I wrong. It seems like the land of karaoke has nothing even close to that," said Nimrod Lev, who currently holds the position of MySpace Karaoke general manager. He added that the company received a lot of positive responses from a number of Japanese companies, who met MySpace's idea with much interest.

The service, which is called MySpace Karaoke, claims to be world's largest user-generated music service. After it was launched, MySpace Karaoke got 8 million visitors after being launched in May of 2008 in Canada and the United States.

It is worth mentioning that in October MySpace renovated its karaoke channel to allow users post online video of themselves singing. The social network managed to achieve agreements with music publishers to spare users of the new service from problems linked with song copyrights, reports AFP.

The website states that its online video recorder represents an innovative, custom-built technology that allows users record themselves singing by simply having a computer with microphone, Web-camera and Internet connection. Over a million users have submitted their recording to the website, says MySpace.

It took months for MySpace officers in the land of the rising sun to adapt the karaoke service to the local language.

"We had to adapt it to the smallest nuances of the Japanese language," said Lev.

Statistical data shows that about 40 percent of people in Japan (which is about 50 million), enjoy doing karaoke.

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