Tuesday, 20 Jul, 2010 Technology

New Futuristic Fuel-Efficient Plane from Airbus


If the Airbus successfully reaches its goal to create its fantasy plane, by 2030 we might be flying a fuel-efficient, futuristic aircraft with long, curled wings, an oddly-looking U-shaped tail and an ultra-lightweight body.

It is worth mentioning that Airbus recently presented its new plane at the Farnborough Airshow in the UK. Besides being more fuel-efficient, the new concept aircraft is very quiet.

The aircraft includes a number of advanced features like holographic projections of virtual decors, that allow each passenger to turn their area into a workspace, a bedroom, or a Zen garden, and walls and floors that can become transparent, making it possible for passengers to observe the view below their feet, reports Inhabitat.

The company's engineering executive vice-president Charles Champion stated: "It's not a real aircraft and all the technologies it features, though feasible, are not likely to come together in the same manner."

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