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New-Gen Chainless CERV Concept Bicycle Transforms During the Ride


Priority Designs teamed up with Cannondale to design a revolutionary concept bike that transforms to alter its shape during the ride.

The Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle (CERV), the bike represents a forkless, chainless, and dynamically adjustable construction. It was presented at EUROBIKE not so long ago.

According to the designers the CERV boasts a one-of-a-kind dynamically adjustable headset that moves both fore-and-aft and up-and-down while the rider pedals it.

The whole system was developed in such a way so the rider is continuously found in an optimal position. The latter depends on the terrain that they are riding on.

The Priority Design website states that the headset moves forward and down to offer a clean, low-drag position when descending.

When the bike climbs, it moves up and back, thus making a more upright position to offer maximum leverage on the crank.

[via Inhabitat]

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