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New IRT Humanoid Robot from Tokyo University Researchers


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The IRT (Information and Robot Technology) division at Tokyo University became famous after it presented a number of interesting projects such as Assistant Robot and Mamoru.

Recently Japanese scientists presented some research papers on its latest invention - a new humanoid robot that aims at helping the aging society of the land of the rising sun.

So far the institute did not offer a lot of information on its new robot, but it appears that it represents a new full-scale bipedal humanoid.

The machine is equipped with gyro sensor mounted at its waist. In addition, it has 6-axis force sensors located at its feet and 2 extra force sensors installed at each arm.

The body of the robot will be covered in a soft latex foam rubber, while its head, hands and feet will be wrapped in paper covering.

Using the motion-capture technology, the robot will be able to mimic human movements. The trials of the new machine will take place at Tokyo University's Department of Mechano-Informatics (Nakamura Lab).

The team that is currently involved in the projects includes: Professor Yoshihiko Nakamura, Dr. Christian Ott (DLR), Professor Dongheui Lee (TU Munich) and Professor Dana Kulic (Ontario’s University of Waterloo).

Researchers hope that in the near future they will be able to upgrade their robot to a degree at which the machine will show human walking, side stepping and squatting, reports Plastic Pals.

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