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New Mind-Blowing Pyramidal Construction to be Built in Paris


It seems like a revolution will come to Paris as architects plan to erect a 50-story building. The plan had recently received green light and it would be the first skyscraper built in Paris for the last three decades.

Herzog & de Meuron is a Swiss architecture firm, based in Basel. It is the one to work on the construction of the new Paris building. The triangular construction will be erected in the Porte de Versailles area of Paris. The developers of the project mentioned that the triangular profile will not block the sunlight from reaching neighboring buildings.

The building's ground floor will include shops and restaurants. Visitors will have the opportunity to adore the wonderful view of the city thanks to an open public space level. Le Projet Triangle is to be completed in 2014. The pyramidal block structure will be 200 meters high.

It is worth mentioning that since 1977, when Jacques Chirac was the Mayor of Paris, it was not allowed to construct buildings over 37 meters. Last year the law was overturned.

However, the capital of France is not the only city who wants to reach the shy. During the next 10 years a number of high-tech skyscrapers will appear worldwide. The most impressive architectural ideas will come to life in the Middle East. Although Burj Dubai is already the highest man-made structure on the planet, there's Nakheel Tower, the designers of which claim that the building is going to outrun Burj Dubai. According to the developers the new creation will be at least 1 km tall.

The "City of Silk", which architects plan to built in Kuwait, will feature Burj Mubarak Al Kabir, a skyscraper that might also go over 1,000 meters.

Mind-blowing structures are also to be constructed in Moscow and Sank-Petersburg. Russia Tower and Okhta Center Tower will probably not be as huge as the skyscrapers in the Middle East, but they will certainly be included in the list of the catchiest buildings in the world.

Among other inspiring ideas there are Chicago Spire, and its corkscrew design and Freedom Tower, which will represent the rebuilt World Trade Center.

Source: CNN

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