Monday, 04 May, 2009 Technology

New Software for Mobile Phones Helps Find Nearest Toilet


Specialists from a Japanese software company, called Access Co, developed a program that helps you find the nearest public toilet.

The mobile phone software, dubbed Check A Toilet, provides users maps that guide them to the nearest lavatories.

Whether a person is at the parks, beach or train station, the software provides thousands of maps with the location of public toilets along with specific features of their facilities, including baby changing areas and more.

In order to get the service, users should upload the free software from the Check A Toilet website, which includes a huge list of toilet locations throughout Japan, starting with the capital Tokyo and till the country's northern city of Sapporo, reports Mainichi Daily News.

The new mobile software increases the importance of mobile phones in the country. Today more and more people in Japan use their mobile phones in every day life. The most popular mobile services in Japan include buying foodstuff, paying for train tickets and reserving cinema tickets. It is worth mentioning that 50 million mobile phones are sold in Japan each year.

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