Tuesday, 18 Jan, 2011 Technology

New Technology to Make Tanks Invisible


In just five years the British Army could boast invisible tanks.

The new technology makes use of complex electronic sensors that project the surroundings, thus merging the tank with the environment and making it almost impossible to spot.

It is worth mentioning that the invisible tank is the project of the BAE's Future Protected Vehicle Program. The latter will be implemented in 7 manned and unmanned vehicles.

The list of the vehicles includes:

- Pointer (an agile robot);

- Bearer (a modular platform);

- Wraith (low signature scout vehicle);

- Safeguard (an ultra-utility infantry carrier);

- Charger (a lethal and survivable attack vehicle);

- Raider (a remotely or autonomously controlled skirmishing platform);

- Atlas (convoy system).

But the project will not only focus on invisible tanks, it is also expected to facilitate the implementation of new technologies, including fuel reduction technology, tougher bulletproof glass, biometric integration and more, reports The Telegraph.

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