Friday, 29 Jun, 2007 Technology

Next Generation Games to be Controlled by Your Emotions


Moving the objects in a game with your thoughts only may not be a dream anymore. Emotiv Systems' technology takes a huge step to create a software that will use emotions and thoughts turning them into game moves.

Computer interface experts are the first to change the way computer and people interact. The founders of Emotiv Systems claim they designed innovative interface that interprets human thoughts, expressions and sub-conscious emotions to convert them to manipulations with software.

The interface is able to "read your mind", like detecting your facial expression or your mind actions. With the hep of space-age headset and software, computer can interpret your brainwaves transforming them into actions in a game.

Nam Do, co-founder and CEO of Emotiv Systems, said that this innovation is a breakthrough that will take human-computer interaction to a considerably higher level, making it as lifelike as possible.

Emotiv Development Kit (EDK) was released for game developers who could perfect virtual gaming world by applying the ultra-high tech. EDK can detect and proceed dozens of thoughts that will allow gamers play without touching the keyboard or a controller.

Today's games become more and more sophisticated, requiring interfaces that will be more intuitive thus making the gaming experience more vivid and realistic.

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