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Nike FuelBand API Now Available to Developers


The Nike FuelBand is a device that tracks your movement and sends the collected data to an iPhone app, with the information appearing in real-time.

Recently Nike decided to launch a beta version of its NikeFuel API for developers, which is expected to increase the speed at which applications are developed among fans of the wristband.

It would be interesting to note that this initiative is the first of its kind for Nike. It is also worth mentioning that the API can only be used by developers who took part in the Backplane hackathon during SXSWi that took place in Austin, Texas.

With the help of API one can enable the Shuffle app that creates radio stations, with the latter being based on location, surrounding sounds, a user's speed, the weather, and different types of information that is analyzed to play the most appropriate song.

[via psfk]

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