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Nintendo to Launch Next-Generation DS Game Console


The representatives of the multinational corporation based in Kyoto, Japan, Nintendo Co Ltd, stated that the company is going to launch the next-gen version of its portable game console DS. The new version is entitled DSi.

The company's new gadget will feature a built-in camera and a music player function. In addition, the device will include a larger 3.25-inch LCD panel (the previous version had a 3-inch panel). Nintendo announced that DSi will be launched in November 1, 2008 and its initial price will be 18,900 yen (about $180).

The company also has plans to provide different applications software that uses the built-in camera and music player function. The new device is thinner than the previous model DS Lite by 2.6mm. DSi is 137mm wide (a 4mm increase from the previous version) and its depth is 74.9mm (1mm increase from the previous version).

Despite the fact that the new DSi features a slot of SD memory card, it does not include a slot meant for Game Boy Advance cartridges yet.

The camera, which includes lenses on both sides of the chassis, has 300,000 pixels. The device is pre-installed with software that allows coloring in and processing images taken by the camera using a touch pen.

With the help of a new sound function the gadget one can use application software created for playing music, learning a language and more. DSi has a 260K transmissive TFT color LCD panel. The company's officials said that the improved software increased the speed of DSi's wireless LAN communication.

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