Monday, 04 Oct, 2010 Technology

Nokia N8 Phone Used to Show Prince of Persia on the World's Largest Cinema Screen


Several days ago specialists from Nokia Sweden managed to build one of the world's biggest cinema screens.

Residents and guests of the city district of Rosengard offered a movie night the main character of which was the Nokia N8 phone. The device was used to show "Price of Persia" in high definition using an HDMI port.

In order to create the large screen, the team required specialized equipment. It is worth mentioning that the cinema screen measures 1,428 square meters (51m x 28m).

The large screen was installed in front of a tower block, being held in place by two huge cranes. Four big XLM HD30 projectors were used to show the movie, informs Nokia Conversations.

The movie was watched by approximately 1,500 people.

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