Tuesday, 20 Mar, 2012 Technology

Nokia Working on Tattoos that Will Inform You When Someone Calls on the Phone


Those who love tattoos and are fond of gadgets (namely smatphones) will surely like the idea of combining the two. Currently the famous cell phone manufacturer Nokia is looking forward to patenting its invention that involves the use of a ferromagnetic ink that would connect to the user's phone after being placed under the skin.

The whole process is rather simple - the part of the body where the user decided to place the tattoo will feel small vibrations, thus letting the person know that someone's calling on the phone.

It would be interesting to note that the specially developed ink could be applied to a person's skin almost like one would apply a temporary tattoo. However, the patent does not specify whether the tattoo would be permanent or not. It should be noted that the technology is just at its starting stage and it is hard to guess when it will be fully functional will all details take into account.

[via Unwired View]

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