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Nokia Wins This Year's Outstanding Environmental Contribution Award


This year's Outstanding Environmental Contribution award was given away to Nokia. The 2009 Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona and gathered representatives of mobile operators and equipment vendors along with Internet and entertainment experts. The Finnish company also received an award for Best Mobile Internet Service thanks to Nokia Sports Tracker.

Nokia's global environmental program was appreciated as the best in the industry. Representatives of the association outlined Nokia's commitment to taking into consideration the environmental aspect for each product range by creating a wide gamma of environmental features in its devices.

Among Nokia's contributions to the environment there's the energy rating system for chargers, which makes it easy for the user to analyze and pick the most energy efficient charger. It also features alerts that inform users to unplug their chargers after the battery of a device is full.

Thus the company was successful in making each of its mobile phones up to 80 percent recyclable, completely eliminating the use of hazardous materials such as Polyvinyl Chloride, which is one of the most widely used thermoplastic polymers, next to polyethylene and polypropylene. It is worth mentioning that PVC creates and releases dioxin, which is one of the most hazardous chemicals on Earth.

The Finnish company was also highly appreciated for working with different suppliers and manufacturers from the industry in lowering the level of emissions.

"It is an honor to accept this on behalf of the thousands of Nokia people who have made sustainable, environmentally sensitive practices an integral part of our day-to-day business," said Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, upon receiving the award.

Nokia Sports Tracker, which received the award for Best Mobile Internet Service, represents a free application that was for the first time launched in July 2008. The application was downloaded over 2.5 million times to date.

Nokia Sports Tracker represents a GPS-based activity tracker that allows users to access statistics and other important data on their workouts. It provides information on speed, distance, and time. This information is automatically stored in user's training diary.

For example, users who run or cycle have the ability to track their average speed, total distance and altitude. If a person starts the sport tracker at the beginning of a workout, the application uses GPS to identfy his or her positions and collects statistics while the person travels.

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