Tuesday, 12 Jan, 2010 Technology

Old Airplanes to Be Used to Build Sustainable Research Center


The continuous development of technology will lead to more efficient aircrafts that will replace the old ones - like the jets from the MD-80/DC-9 series - in the near future, which would lead to a large amount of waste. The latter the industrial designer Carl Burdick hopes to use to create a research station.

His research station concept is going to reuse the fuselages of MD-80/DC-9 series of aircrafts because these are lightweight and are able to resist wind speeds that exceed 300 mph.

The designer's invention is called M.A.R.S. which stands for Mobile Arctic Research Station. It is an example of advanced technology and sustainability.

Mr. Burdick decided to equip his station with renewable energy generators. Electricity will be produced by vertical axis wind turbines and solar panels mounted on M.A.R.S. These generators will charge the bank of lithium-ion batteries.

The jet from the MD-80/DC-9 series use space under the deck for luggage and tank fuels. The designer looks forward to use that space to place a snow smelter, heating and ventilation systems.

In addition, the research station will include a water pump, a special system that will filter the water and a system that will recycle gray water. More pictures and information you can find here.

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