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Original Map of 5 Million Bicycle Journeys Across London


This still picture represents a snapshot of 5 million bicycle trips in London and a useful map of the city's commuter hotspots.

The picture was made from an animation developed by visualization specialist Jo Wood at City University in London, who based the work of information gathered from the first 5 million bike journeys carried out in the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme ever since its launch in July 2010.

While watching the video (check out the link at the end of the story) you can notice routes that fade out in around 15 seconds. These routes are the least popular ones, explains collaborator Andrew Huddart, also at City University.

At the 1-minute mark, one can clearly see 3 main systems: routes around, and through, the Hyde Park located in the west, and commutes in and out of King's Cross St Pancras found in the north and between Waterloo and the City in the east.

The curves illustrate the most popular directions of travel. It is possible to see that more people prefer to pedal TO King's Cross, for example, than FROM it. Likewise, more cyclist pedal FROM Waterloo than towards it.

According to Wood visual such data can help transport planners and organizations like the Transport for London to be better informed and take more accurate decisions.

[via Newscientist]

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