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Outdoor Gym that Allows Users to Produce Electricity


Going to the gym and actually work out a lot requires a motivation. Jogging in a local park is good but it's monotonous. In order to motivate people into doing sports, Great Outdoor Gym Company decided to open a special outdoor gym in England.

The most interesting about this gym is that it allows people to actually generate electricity while working out. Visitors can spin hand bikes, recumbent bikes, and fitness bikes, and thus produce enough energy to light the installation at night.

In addition, the gym makes it possible for people to recharge their phones and music players. The unused energy is sent to the grid.

Besides, the installation can help educate children about renewable energy. Despite the fact that today there are plenty of indoor gyms that produce energy, Georgie Delaney, creative director of the firm that built the gym in a park in Hull, says that their gym is the first for the outdoors.

In the upcoming months Great Outdoor Gym Company looks forward to installing more outdoor gyms, and it welcomes users to suggest their ideas.

[via Fastcoexist]

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