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Over a Quarter of Japanese Want an iPhone, Survey Showed


27% of Japanese wish an iPhoneA survey showed that about 27% of Japanese are willing to purchase an iPhone from Apple. Taking into consideration that Japan is the land of hi-tech novelties and a test ground for them these 27% should be considered flattering for Apple.

It is a fact that an outlander smartphone has slight chances in winning a good place on Japanese market, because in most cases authentic manufacturers' smartphones are more functional and have a better overall performance, they seldom pass Japan borders to receive global appreciation, so 27% are definitely quite optimistic.

Should be mentioned that these 27% are divided into 5% as "very willing to buy" and the rest 22% as "possibly willing to buy". If taking into account that Japanese are also people, thought very hi-tech addicted people, those possibly willing to buy an iPhone could turn into "I don't really need one", when it comes to paying from $500 and up for this smartphone.

When at the beginning of 2008 the iPhone will come on the Nippon islands Apple will face serious challenges, unless they will implement serious upgrades to their main product of the year 2007. Current models of iPhone still don't have 3G possibilities, which for Japan is a great drawback.

However, what iPhone and other Apple products DO have is a very, very slick and sexy design, which will win not one million of hearts by the end of this year.

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