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OwnFone - The Simplest to Use Smartphone in the World


Check out this new handset called OwnFone. It is a smartphone that offers only the most necessary buttons for the user. Each handset is made individually for each person.

While placing an order, the user enters their name and numbers they want. They can also choose the color and design.

In short, the phone does not have a regular numerical keypad. To be able to dial a number the user simply has to push one of the buttons that were preset during the ordering process. The maximum number of presets is 12.

But there are several drawbacks. For example if you want to add new people or if someone from the dial list has changed their number, the user will have to call tech support to perform the changes.

The device was mainly developed for children, the elderly and not particularly tech literate.

So far the phone is available in the UK for about $87 and there's no information on whether it is going to be available elsewhere.

[via The Verge]

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