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Pads Use Paper Battery to Generate Power when Someone Walks Over Them


An interesting eco-friendly idea was proposed by designer Stephen Chan Wing Tak. He is the author of the Eco-Enegry Flooring System pads that feature a paper battery system used to collect energy that is generated when people walk and run over the piezoelectric blocks.

To put it simple: the system is composed of blocks that are mounted on the floor and when someone steps on these blocks, energy is produced. Afterwards the collected power is used to light up LEDs.

Each pad is made of six layers, with the upper one being water resistant and covered with ultrasonic welding to make it humidity-proof. The next layer features an OLED board that can have all sorts of symbols, letters, numbers that can light up. Then there's a sponge material that dispenses the force and pressure.

The follow-up level includes the piezoelectric board featuring crystal boards to produce power. Below there's the paper battery and the last layer is the one that touches the ground. The system is easy to transport and use. There's no information about the cost of the system but if it's cost-friendly then we might as well call this invention perfect.

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