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PAL-V One - Flying Hybrid Vehicle


Meet PAL-V One - a hybrid vehicle that is also a gyroplane. The name of the two-seater car stands for "Personal Air and Land Vehicle" and it allows the driver to travel by road or air.

Developed by the Dutch company, PAL-V, The car is very maneuverable and quick thanks to its three wheels and a special patented "tilting" system.

In case the driver wants the car to take off, they should visit the nearest airport first and then, with the help of a single motor and propeller that opens out from the top of the vehicle, leave the ground.

The transformation of the car into a gyroplane takes about 10 minutes. All that the driver has to do is just push a special button.

It would be interesting to note that the car is allowed to reach an altitude below 4,000 feet, according to uncontrolled Visual Flight Rules (VFR) traffic.

Due to the fact that the car boasts a short take off and landing capability, you can land it almost anywhere. The maximum speed that PAL-V One can reach is 112mph. While on the road, the hybrid vehicle can travel 750 miles using its gasoline engine. In the air the car can has a range of up to 315 miles.

Although currently it is powered by gasoline, the developers look forward to making versions that run on biodiesel or bio-ethanol.

[via PAL-V]

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