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Palm to use Linux platform


The famous smartphone producer, Palm, is to use a new software platform that will be based on Linux. The company's officials announced Palm's new operating system platform while on a meeting in New York. During a discussion with the analysts, Palm's officials talked on the business strategy of the company but they refused to state anything regarding the recent rumors of a possible buyout.

The smartphone maker for along time has used its Palm operating system and in 2006 expanded its customer base by launching their new Treo smart phones, which were based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile system.

Its new platform based on Linux operating system, according to the company's chief executive Ed Colligan, will be introduced to the product mix as "a new foundation." It is worth mentioning that Palm had been developing its platform for several years and in a way so its developments would no go public. Mr. Colligan mentioned that the new platform will upgrade Palm's software.

Palm is not the owner of Palm OS. The company spent $44 million in 2006 to purchase a permanent license to it. Despite its popularity the platform was criticized by analysts. This is because of lack of improvements especially in the process of handling multimedia applications.

Palm's chief executive did not mentioned any details regarding the company's product. However, he mentioned that the platform based on Linux will help Palm to lower costs and reduce the time of introducing its products to the market. The new product from Palm, according to Mr. Colligan, is to be introduced later this year.

Using the Linux platform represents a part of Palm's new strategy with the help of which the company looks forward to deliver multiple reference designs to manufacturers and carrier partners. This will allow a more efficient introduction of customizable products with different designs, functions and pricing.

Palm decided to make these changes due to an intensive competition that comes from Nokia, Motorola and Samsung Electronics. "We think there is a big wave coming in this whole mobile computing revolution," said Mr. Colligan.

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