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PandaLabs' List of Unusual Malicious Software


During the first half of 2007 there were dozens of new viruses and malware coming, which were based on very ingenious algorithms and did some funny things, partly. Based on this fact folks at PandaLabs have reviewed the list of most unusual and interesting malware.

The most religious virus: USBToy.A worm has been awarded this prestigious title. The reason for this was that each time an infected computer restarted, the worm showed the following Bible line, from the Genesis: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light. History must be remembered!".

Miracles of positioning. A Trojan - Burglar.A - besides stealing passwords and doing other malicious actions, gives the user of the computer his/her exact location using Google Maps. Maybe this information would be valuable after a wild party, but otherwise...

ArmyMovement.A is a defender of the working class. Or maybe not? The worm was sending a message in Turkish that said "Government grants 50% raise for military and civil employees".

A worm called Rinbot.B contained in its code an imaginary CNN interview with its developer, where the latter explained the reasons for writing the Rindbot.B. Maybe the Rinbot.B deserves a PulitzerBot.B prize?

An undercover virus was spreading its copies per e-mail. Every new message had a newly generated sender's name, topic and body. The message contained an attachment too. The attachment title was also generated for each separate message. The only stable thing about the malware was its name: Piggy.B.

However, Piggy.B is nothing compare to XPCSpy. Or probably they should team up to make a perfect undercover team. The XPCSpy saved each button pressed, made screen shots, made a log of visited web-pages, opened windows, launched applications and read e-mail and chat messages. The perfect surveillance tool.

The fraud by VideoCach was rather simple, but effective. When landing on a PC it stated that the computer was infected with spyware and went on with these messages, until the user bought certain software, which should presumably find and delete the spyware. Apparently the user paid money just to stop the annoying messages.

Ketawa.A became the joker of the year. While doing its dirty tricks, the Trojan displayed a joke to entertain the user. Users where absolutely not eased with the joke, as it was in Indonesian. Maybe Indonesians had a laugh, if they had computers to be infected.

If Trojan malware could act, the Harrenix.A and Pirabbean.A would certainly be the best actors. They were disguised as trailers of the "Harry Potter and the Phoenix Order" movie (Harrenix.A) and "Pirates of the Carribean: At the end of the world" (Parribean.A).

The developer of the Gronev.A had probably some serious music ambitions. After settling in a computer Gronev.A opened the Media Player and played a file named Lagu. Maybe this was a way to promote the composition. Who knows...

What is better? A crook that committed a crime and got away immediately or a crook that committed a crime and explained what he'd done, apologized and wished a nice day? Anyway, the BotVoice.A was the crook of the last type, because after the dirty job was done, it said: "Your computer has been infected, I repeat, you computer has been infected and your system files have been erased. I'm sorry! Have a nice day!".

Keep away from suspicious web-pages. Sex is not the only thing that needs protection during the act, Internet is also one of these. Use protective software, use anti-viruses while browsing!

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