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Panzer Sound-tank - Futuristic Sound System from Germany


Nik Nowak is a designer from Germany who decided to name his futuristic sound system Panzer, after the famous tank that brought fear during the Second World War.

The giant sound system, dubbed Panzer "Sound-tank" is anything but usual - it is fully mobile and uses a continuous track belt for movement.

On the outside the system resembles the German tank. However, instead of weapons the mobile sound tank features 11 speakers mounted in different parts of the vehicle's body.

The turret of the system is flexible, being able to play the role of a sheltering component which one can open to reveal all sound related circuitry indoors.

Inside there's a seating arrangement for the driver/disc jockey. The seats are located in the rear section of the vehicle. In such a way the driver obtains full view of the surroundings.

[via Zillamag]

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