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Latest Invention: Pentagon to Possess Airborne Laser Weapon


It is quite possible that soon Pentagon will possess a new-generation anti-missile weapon and namely a high-powered laser that would be fired from the nose of a large aircraft and wipe out missiles shortly after their launch.

In December 2008 engineers ended a round of testing of their latest invention. A prototype of the weapon mounted in the jet plane on the ground shot several infrared laser beams at a target in one second bursts.

Sixteen months ago engineers tested the system in the air. They found that the weapon was successful in identifying a simulating missile and was ready to fire a powerful laser beam when necessary.

Several major defense companies are involved in the project, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grunman. They worked in cooperation with US forces engineers, reports NewScientist.

It is worth mentioning that engineers plan to test the airborne shooting of their latest invention in August 2009. There is yet no information regarding the funding of the project since the new Obama administration has to decide whether it is necessary to carry on developing the laser after 2009.

The video of the weapon is available here .

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