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Peripheral Display Coordination System Informs You About Special Deals and Missed Calls on the Nearest Display


Another invention recently presented by NTT Docomo is called Peripheral Display Coordination. This technology exploits the idea of using a home TV or digital signage to show relevant content to users through their handset.

For example, if the user has a coupon, they might forget about it when visiting a store. The system, thus, is used to inform them about the special deal they might miss. The information is presented to the user on the nearest compatible display. The latter, when connected to your smartphone, will display a message saying something like: "This coupon is available, would you like to use it?"

The system also connects a smartphone with computer and TV. Thus while at home, users can receive message from the system, informing that they have missed calls or unread mail.

It would be interesting to note that the technology can even detect the location of the display. This makes it possible for the system to identify whether you're in a private or public place. In case the user is in a public place, the system will not notify about missed calls or unread mail. To provide anonymity each user has their own avatar, thus, by noticing their avatar on the screen one will know that the information is provided for them. For making connection the system makes use of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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