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Pingdom Published Results of Google's Sites' Stability


Despite Google's enormous financial possibilities, the sites and services, provided by the company are not always available to its visitors.

According to a survey conducted between September the 1st, 2006 and September the 1st, 2007 in 32 countries, where Google is the leading provider of Internet search, Google's main page was unavailable from 3 to 48 minutes.

Google's search in Brazil was found as most stable, since during the researched period of time (1 year), it was unavailable for only 3 minutes, whereas the US page was unavailable for about 30 minutes.

A satisfactory stability of Google's regional representatives was found in Netherlands (11 minutes unavailable), India and Thailand (13 minutes), and Japan (15 minutes).

The most unstable of Google's regional sites were found in Israel (34 minutes), Turkey (40 minutes), Singapore and Taiwan (46 minutes), and Sweden (48 minutes).

Results of this survey surprised Google's chiefs, yet all of the tested sites have passed the milestone of 99,9%, which is the time when all of Google's sites and services were fully functional and available.

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