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The Amazing Plane of the Future - Designer's Vision


This concept is really something people have never seen before. It's called WB-1010 (the abbreviation stands for Wright Brothers) and it is currently only a concept since it will be created from materials that are yet to be developed and with the use of revolutionary technology.

The WB-1010 future plane is expected to provide a high speed of around 1,000 km/h, a lot of comfort and space for 1,500 people. The project has been submitted to the KLM Indonesia aircraft design competition.

For the concept the designer Reindy Allendra thought about using materials such as GLARE ("GLAss-Reinforced" Fibre Metal Laminate (FML)), made of several thin layers of metal (generally aluminum) mixed together with layers of glass-fiber "pre-preg", tied with a matrix similar to epoxy that is currently used on another giant plane today - Airbus A380.

In order to make the plane of the future lighter, the designer though of injecting helium in the body of WB-1010. The windows will be made of "Smart Glass", which is also known as smart window. This type of glass is able to change light transmission properties after voltage is applied. The plane will produce energy in flight and will be able to land both ways, like traditional planes (on a runway) or like helicopters - vertically.

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