Wednesday, 25 Feb, 2009 Technology

Latest Invention: Portable Toaster to Heat Up Packed Sandwiches


Recently, Kim Been, a Korean designer, presented a prototype of its latest invention - a portable toaster that can heat up a sandwich. The device is currently in development, but the inventor hopes his latest invention will hit the British shops by the end of 2009.

Been's gadget resembles a cake slice and it works by spreading the heat with the help of an iron-like ceramic unit. It is worth mentioning that nanotechnology was used to produce the heat, and namely molecular-sized tubes of carbon.

On the opposite side of the toaster the user can observe heat-sensitive images of vines and butterflies that appear and multiply while the bread becomes browner, reports The Telegraph.

In order to toast one side of the bread, one needs to apply Been's latest invention for 2 to 3 minutes, which should be just perfect for campers or office workers who enjoy eating toasted sandwiches at work.

When creating the portable toaster, the inventor also took into consideration people who fear burns. His unbreakable ceramic toaster features highly-durable CarbonNano tubes. These tubes will never over-heat and protect the user from any burns.

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