Wednesday, 27 Oct, 2010 Technology

Power Loader Light - Customizable Robotic Suit from Panasonic


Panasonic Activelink, a robot venture with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, has created a power amplifying robotic suit that can increase human strength.

Dubbed Power Loader Light, the 38-kg suit allows the person wearing it to carry loads of up to 100 kilograms.

The machine also increases the power of legs by up to 40kg/400N.

It features six-axis sensors mounted in the feet to sense when the person shifts the weight around.

In such a way the user helps the Power Loader Light to act accordingly.

Besides, the Japanese company allows users to personalize the machine.

This means that one can choose the desired design and colors, informs Plastic Pals.

According to Panasonic Activelink, the robotic suit is going to be ready by 2015. Probably the biggest drawback of the PLL is the price - the machine will wear a price tag of $233,000.

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