Wednesday, 11 Feb, 2009 Technology

PowerMeter from Google to Help Cut Energy Consumption


Recently has announced its latest invention entitled "PowerMeter", which represents a platform that people can use in order to track in real-time the usage of electricity in their home. The platform is developed to receive information from "smart meters" as well as other devices that collect detailed information on electricity consumption.

Information collected by the smart meters is displayed on a graph illustrating the amount of energy used and devices that consume electricity at any given period of time. With such information people will be able to monitor electricity consumption and make smart decision on the matter. By reducing power usage people will not only save money but tackle global warming.

According to latest studies, monitoring the information on power consumption can help you save between 5 and 15 percent on monthly electric bill. Currently the latest invention from Google is in beta, but the company hopes that PowerMeter will ultimately be distributed to anyone who uses a smart meter.

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