Tuesday, 29 Mar, 2011 Technology

PreVue - Device that Allows Parents to See the Evolution of their Baby in the Womb


A very original design for future parents has been developed by an industrial designer from University of New South Wales.

Called PreVue, the work of Melody Shiue represents an e-textile-based device that allows parents to connect with their fetus.

The invention utilizes the newest stretchable display technology. It is placed over the abdominal region of the pregnant woman.

It would be interesting to note that the work of the Australia designer makes it possible for parents to monitor the growth of their child. They will be able to see the baby rolling, snoozing, and smiling.

The device will help parents become even closer to their baby before the birth, which will definitely lead to the establishment of a closer connection with their child.

More images of the design are available here.

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