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Programmers Created Writer-Robot


A novel that was written by a computer program, will be released in January 2008 in Russia. A new novel called "True love" was developed by Russian programmers and philologists with the help of a new software. The author of the novel will be written as PC Writer 2008.

The computer program creates a bestseller as fast as possible and you only need to develop the plot, language style, time and place of the story. The "True love" had taken the plot of "Anna Karenina" novel written by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. After computer processing, the story had changed having a modern style with all the characters living on a deserted island.

One of the authors of the computer program Alexandr Prokopovich said that editors depend on the writers, while the latter may not have an inspiration or suffer from alcohol addiction and delay the date of the book release. With this software, you can be sure that book will be written in time, having the style that is required by editor. The software programmers had an experience of developing the plot of computer games and say that life situations can be modeled as well. Although the developers of the PC Writer 2008 said that this software is unable to substitute the real genius writer.

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