Monday, 02 Aug, 2010 Technology

Projected Bugs That Can Crawl, and Breed on Any Surface


The digital arts group, Squidsoup, has unveiled the Glowing Pathfinder Bugs that one can take in their hand and then put them back on the ground. But you will not be able to kill them as these bugs are not real.

The Glowing Pathfinder Bugs are virtual projections that move inside a sandbox. They can react to different things that take place around them. If you dig a trough in the sand, the bugs will crawl into it and if you pick them up they will move on your hand. It is also possible to mash them together (watch the video after the break and see what happens).

It is worth mentioning that Squidsoup designed the installation using the same type of equipment that is used to detect human gestures and motions.

The installation was commissioned by Folly Gallery for the Portable Pixel Playground. It has been recently presented at the computer graphics conference Siggraph, informs FastCoDesign.

The main idea behind the technology is to train children to look after, manage, and breed insects.

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